Thursday, 9 November 2017


As room 10 started the school day as we normally do we watch a video but that’s not normal. It was a Mr Bean video I thought that the video was going to be funny. We watched the video most of people in my class laughed but i didn’t laugh and someone else didn’t laugh.

We were going to do a experience We both didn’t laugh after the video we lined up and headed to the field. On the way to the field my friend Mamarae did this amzing trick with the top lip the trick was that she tucked her bottom lip and brought out her top lip it made her look a bit like donald the Duck .  so we walked they rest of the way a bit in silence.  

Some noise but not a lot of noise. So we got to the field and some people had kind of sore feet because there were prickly things on the ground. Miss West  told every single person in  room 10 to make a very very very very large circle. So some of  us did but some of us not so much.

So when we finally made a circle Miss West told that one person would go into the middle of the circle and a pose the a person just random person from in our class would try and change the what they were doing.  Not a lot of  people tried I mean I was so scared that I waited to like the second to last person to have a turn. So first  on the third game we played so Caleb went first he was walking his pretend puppy.

He kept say here puppy here puppy here puppy then Miss West said or yelled ‘’FREEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” . So Caleb freezed in the poze he was in then Marika come and said ‘’ what a cute dog you have i will give you 100 dollars for your cute doggy the 100 dollars a of cause is pretend and not real. So after all of that  Miss West said’’ FREEZE!!!!!!!’’  so after Miss West said freeze Caleb had to leave so Marika stayed in her awkward pose.

So I had idea to make this play different so I put my hand . Miss West choose me so I went into the middle of circle and I of cause stole her money  so what I said was ‘’ hi bye thanks for the money’’. I was a robber  so I pretended to run as fast as I could.  Then Miss West said ‘’FREEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!’’ so Marika left and I stayed in my running pose then jedida came and started the dumbbells I instantly started laughing so Miss West said that was it because it started to rain a bit so headed back to write about the experience which i’m doing now   

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Flight of a bumble bee

So yesterday we started drawing a picture but we had listen to a piece of music and think of what it made us think of the drawing that is in your head and draw it on a piece of paper . So i had four drawing ideas in my head but i based my drawing off my first idea . so it's basically when the music was soft the bee was flying softly through a flied then when it was rough and not soft the bee was going through a rough thunderstorm and flew into a open window then tied to sting some girl
Nov 1, 2017 10:27:17 AM.jpgNov 1, 2017 10:29:49 AM.jpg
Nov 1, 2017 10:31:15 AM.jpg

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Answering this question

Reaction Question: Do you think it is a good idea to learn our times tables using songs? Why/ why not?

i'm going to answer this question the way i think this is the right answer

so i think that we shouldn't learn our times tables using songs because most people would choose there friends to be there partner and if they did choose there friends to be there partner  they would talk way way way to much and not finish the song / work 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Amira week 1 (Term 3) Reading Follow up Task: Planet Earth and beyond (Maungakiekie)

Every single day me and dad play baseball dad always tells me look where you are going to hit the ball don’t just hit the ball and let it go wherever. I just hit the ball I don’t want to look where to hit the ball. Arrgh, oh are you o.k sir? Ahhhhhh what is with his teeth there blue is he an alien no i dreaming better get the ball and head to dad to play more baseball.

This week we learnt about space

Walt: ask questions before and during reading to create a deeper understanding of the texts.
Walt: make deep connections between a range of texts.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Amira bike safety - wearing a bike helmet

  1. First thing you  need to do is  check for cracks  because if there are cracks and you wear the helmet and you get in a crash then you think that the helmet that you are wearing is safe a protects your head but if it has a or more cracks in or on it. It won’t save you head and you brian and you might get serious head injury.
  2. take off hair accessories like headbands caps hats beanies and also have a low pony tail if you are a girl or a boy with a ponytail.
  3. Make sure the helmet is the right size for your head check the straps are right and are not loose or too tight.

  1. Make sure it is a Y around your ears.

Questions to answer:
What does Think safety first mean Think safety means to think about safety in the boat and out in the water. For example: where a lifejacket , where good foot wear.
Why should you know about the tide because if you go out when the tide is rough then the boat might flip and also you might get trapped in the open sea.
What kind of footwear is good footwear?good footwear is boots , flippers and shoes
Why go with a friend? Because if you get hurt then your friend can help you and also they can help you fish.
What does risky mean here?
Risky means big waves comes to you but you can’t fish here so you move to fish somewhere else that isn’t risky

Monday, 31 July 2017

Walt: make connections between decimals and fractions
Walt: use multiplication and division to find fractions of set

this was so easy because i did this with friend pisirina

Friday, 19 May 2017

The coin catching challenge

When Miss west said that “we are going outside to catch coins” i thought i don’t want to go outside i want to stay inside because it is warm. When we were outside the freezing cold crisp winter morning air didn’t change my mind either. it just made me want to run right back into class i don’t normally say that so you should be surprised by that.  

When we were outside miss west told us to sit in a circle a big circle then we took two immense steps backwards. So then i felt a little microscopic bit warm but only for like 2 maybe 3 seconds but after that i was instantly back to freezing cold. Then miss west said “that she was going to go around the circle and give us counter which we had to pretend were actual coins so when everyone got a coin we put our hand on our shoulder then we put the counter on the edge of our elbow.

Then we started to flip it in the air and tried to catch it when it fell down well some of us did i guess. Even some of us cheated but miss west didn’t  say that we couldn’t cheat so i guess it’s fine.  When i started i don’t how much times it took me i think about 20 or more times to catch it. Then i found a space i was about to start to catch the 2nd the counter when miss west said’’ that we have to pack up all of the counter/coins away we had to go then inside. So i was so disappointed because i only caught one and also because i was having fun and we had to stop to go inside to write about this experience.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Term 2 week 1 problem sloving

this is my problem sloving

What is that? writing

This product look a bit funny. It has lots of different lines in it.It look like a funny shaped shoe.The color of the shoe is mostly black and some white with bits of blue and orange.There is this little logo on the front of the shoe that kinda looks like a button but we are not so sure if it is a button or not.

I think that this product helps people stop them tripping. Like if there is a rock in front of them then the shoe will send a shock from the shoe to the brain and it tells the brain that there is a rock or stone in front of them and it stops them from tripping because some people are really clumsy and trip a lot.

This product is a smart shoe it takes commands from your smartphone. It solves the problem of too much heat or not enough heat it also solves the problem of where someone is when you need them. It also solves the problem of taking so long just to tie up your shoelaces because it is a self lacing shoe.

I think that this is a really good idea .I would really buy it because it will help me stop taking so much time tying my shoelaces. It would keep my feet from being too hot or too cold and if my nana thinks that I'm gone somewhere she will see that I'm just somewhere in the house like upstairs.

This my writing about the smart shoe here is a video that i watched before i started writing here is a website if you want to know more or what i am talking about.

Moari resources

Made with Padlet
we read this link and made a padlet about what we learned.

Monday, 8 May 2017


WHHHHHHHHHHHH. What a amazing immersion assembly we have just had and funny. My favorite team was team 2 because they had the most funniest  movie out of all the teams the most funniest part of their movie was when the four students who actually teachers and their names are Miss Nalder,Miss Peak ,Miss Tumahai and Miss Squires.

The most funniest part was when  they went to makerspace and Mr Vogt was dancing and maybe singing to the song how far i’ll go from Moana and the teachers were like yelling hello Mr Vogt and Hiii Mr Vogt really really loud. And he was like zone out and focussed on the song instead of teaching the students. That is my favorite part about immersion assembly.

This what team 4 is learning about this term. It is technology and how it has change from the past to the present.  Like how the waka has change to the new America’s cup boat.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Wanted poster

Aotearoa song

1.Aotearoa is the best place we have our nation tree there really cool

2.We call one of them harakeke

3.  And when you are at the beach you will feel a breeze an ocean breezex2

4. But don’t forget to look for the flying birds  free on the open on seax2

5.Did you know a special kind of bird is called an oyster catcher an oyster Catcher

6. they always fly upon the open sea as they feel the ocean breeze  

7.There meeting spot is by a bed of gorse that’s right a bed of gorse

8.There is a special flower that grows on the mountain highist  it’s called the gorse yep a gorse

9. they really have spiky spikes upon their stems upon their stems.

This is me (amira) and zaeeda's song we are sure to get the whole song on our blogs next term for sure

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Friday, 24 February 2017

Describing a setting Amira

When I go outside smell the sweet smell of flowers. I hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing in my ear. I taste the fresh morning air. I feel the prickly grass on my skin when i look around I see the trees blowing though the wind

Amira Problem Solving Week 4