Thursday, 30 November 2017

Amira immersion Assembly: Musical Madness!

I walked to school happy.  I was so so excited about the first day of the last term before I change class. Room 10 and 9 walked to the hall to have immersion assembly to start a weirdly exciting term. The associate principals had a song to sing but there’s a twist. We had to learn the song. So team 1 went first. Miss Hockley said that they were going to play snap so as she had said the adults in team 1  played snap but they played with music happy , sad , angry , scary , anxious all the emotional songs they could find they played at assembly. They reacted to the songs while playing snap. Then team 2 went they were going to sing a song with instruments. Miss Gaston was playing the Ukulele while singing in the jungle the mighty jungle from the lion King. the other teacher joined her one by one. Once the rest of the teachers did the item we all went back to class. My favourite item was team 5. This was a great start I can’t wait for the rest of the term

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