Thursday, 20 August 2015

Nurse Heidi

Nurse Heidi is a dental therapist. She works at Pt England School

Nurse Heidi is a nurse because she wanted to be a dental therapist and she decided that she wanted to be a dental therapist when she was only five years old. She helped her own dental therapist she always wanted to learn about the little tools. I should not say this but nurse Heidi had lots of bad teeth when she was young.

Nurse Heidi least favourite thing to do is do all the paper work. She has to type all the things she did to your teeth. Nurse Heidi's favourite part of her job is seeing us Pt Englanders and cleaning our teeth.

Luckily for Nurse Heidi us kids don't have  smelly breath like her dog. He has lots of smelly teeth and his breath is so bad. Nurse Heidi takes a scraper tool home . She scraped all the plaque off Nurse Heidi's dog's teeth.

I bet when Nurse Heidi got the job she was so happy. Pt England School is so luckily to have Nurse Heidi. 

Friday, 14 August 2015

Mrs Nua

Mrs Nua is the Associate Principal at Pt England School. We all love Mrs Nua so much

Mrs Nua is lovely to all of the classes. She never gives up in her job and is very very funny. Mrs Nua makes everyone laugh.

Mrs Nalso loves all the kids in Pt England School. Sometimes she falls asleep and when she wakes up her laptop is falling off her lap. Maybe that's why she lovesssssssssss coffee.

Pt England School is so lucky to have her.