Monday, 9 November 2015

Shape tangram puzzle

This is my shape picture. In my shape picture I can see triangles, squares and parallellogrames.


This graph shows the favourite fruits in room 13.

Friday, 6 November 2015


The runosaurus is a bright green coloured dinosaur so he could camoulage. She has 4 heads with 3 space helmets because she lives in space,earth,jungle and a volcano. She eats leaves, rocks, lava, KFC, popcorn and dirt.

She also lived in the ice period she also lived 10,000,0000,0000,000,0000,0 billion years ago.

She shoots out ice balls that if they hit you will freeze forever. She drinks lava from the volcano that my dinosaur lives in so when people invade the volcano she will shoot the lava from her mouth.

Her great grandpa was the great grassland king until he died that was when she was born. Befor her great grandpa died he said that she is going to be the grassland pincess and then queen.  So she did become the pincess and then the queen.