Thursday, 30 November 2017

Amira planning and writing doc (Recount).

As room 10 started the school day as we normally do we watch a video but that’s not normal. It was a Mr Bean video I thought that the video was going to be funny. We watched the video most of people in my class laughed but i didn’t laugh and someone else didn’t laugh.

We were going to do a experience We both didn’t laugh after the video we lined up and headed to the field. On the way to the field my friend Mamarae did this amzing trick with the top lip the trick was that she tucked her bottom lip and brought out her top lip it made her look a bit like donald the Duck .  so we walked they rest of the way a bit in silence.  

Some noise but not a lot of noise. So we got to the field and some people had kind of sore feet because there were prickly things on the ground. Miss West  told every single person in  room 10 to make a very very very very large circle. So some of  us did but some of us not so much.

So when we finally made a circle Miss West told that one person would go into the middle of the circle and a pose the a person just random person from in our class would try and change the what they were doing.  Not a lot of  people tried I mean I was so scared that I waited to like the second to last person to have a turn. So first  on the third game we played so Caleb went first he was walking his pretend puppy.

He kept say here puppy here puppy here puppy then Miss West said or yelled ‘’FREEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” . So Caleb freezed in the poze he was in then Marika come and said ‘’ what a cute dog you have i will give you 100 dollars for your cute doggy the 100 dollars a of cause is pretend and not real. So after all of that  Miss West said’’ FREEZE!!!!!!!’’  so after Miss West said freeze Caleb had to leave so Marika stayed in her awkward pose.

So I had idea to make this play different so I put my hand up . Miss West choose me so I went into the middle of circle and I of cause stole her money  so what I said was ‘’ hi bye thanks for the money’’. I was a robber  so I pretended to run as fast as I could.  Then Miss West said ‘’FREEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!’’ so Marika left and I stayed in my running pose then jedida came and started the dumbbells I instantly started laughing so Miss West said that was it because it started to rain a bit so headed back to write about the experience which i’m doing now   

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