Friday, 19 May 2017

The coin catching challenge

When Miss west said that “we are going outside to catch coins” i thought i don’t want to go outside i want to stay inside because it is warm. When we were outside the freezing cold crisp winter morning air didn’t change my mind either. it just made me want to run right back into class i don’t normally say that so you should be surprised by that.  

When we were outside miss west told us to sit in a circle a big circle then we took two immense steps backwards. So then i felt a little microscopic bit warm but only for like 2 maybe 3 seconds but after that i was instantly back to freezing cold. Then miss west said “that she was going to go around the circle and give us counter which we had to pretend were actual coins so when everyone got a coin we put our hand on our shoulder then we put the counter on the edge of our elbow.

Then we started to flip it in the air and tried to catch it when it fell down well some of us did i guess. Even some of us cheated but miss west didn’t  say that we couldn’t cheat so i guess it’s fine.  When i started i don’t how much times it took me i think about 20 or more times to catch it. Then i found a space i was about to start to catch the 2nd the counter when miss west said’’ that we have to pack up all of the counter/coins away we had to go then inside. So i was so disappointed because i only caught one and also because i was having fun and we had to stop to go inside to write about this experience.

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