Monday, 8 May 2017


WHHHHHHHHHHHH. What a amazing immersion assembly we have just had and funny. My favorite team was team 2 because they had the most funniest  movie out of all the teams the most funniest part of their movie was when the four students who actually teachers and their names are Miss Nalder,Miss Peak ,Miss Tumahai and Miss Squires.

The most funniest part was when  they went to makerspace and Mr Vogt was dancing and maybe singing to the song how far i’ll go from Moana and the teachers were like yelling hello Mr Vogt and Hiii Mr Vogt really really loud. And he was like zone out and focussed on the song instead of teaching the students. That is my favorite part about immersion assembly.

This what team 4 is learning about this term. It is technology and how it has change from the past to the present.  Like how the waka has change to the new America’s cup boat.

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