Friday, 26 February 2016

Lost in the Forest


On a lonely thorny path in a creepy, cold, windy forest, a family played rugby. By mistake, Rosie’s sister kicked the ball too far passed the goal. Rosie said “I will go and find the ball.” So she went to look for the ball  She was so busy trying to find the shiny ball, that she didn’t notice she was lost.
As Rosie walked, she became scared. Standing in front of her was a triple headed monster eating a deer. The monster saw her, he licked his lips and said “yum”.
She ran as fast as she could, because in one step the huge monster caught up to her. Just before the monster picked her up to be eaten she jumped in a hole so that she wouldn’t be eaten.
The monster looked everywhere but he could not find her so he walked away. Rosie jumped as high as she could. She grabbed a branch and pulled herself out of the hole. She heard her family’s voices, Rosie was going to be saved afterall. So she ran to her family and never ever went back to that place again.

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